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I was walking through Washington, DC Northwest one day and noticed a school, still in use, with separate doors for boys and girls. Interesting. Girls

I had walked by this building several times before I noticed this detail.  That fact prompted me to be more attentive and I began to be more aware of other details that I had previously taken for granted.  For example, I’ve walked by the Law School on the campus of the University of Notre Dame for years.  Most of the buildings on the campus have interesting details – fancy doors and Gothic windows .

ND Law School wide shot

There are many more famous structures on the campus that tend to draw the eye.  Those structures and the general beauty of the architecture can easily fill my vision.  But this time I also noticed this detail:

Moses on ND Law School Building

This sculpture of Moses is 5 stories up, easy to miss, but a true work of art.

And another example; the ironwork on this New Orleans balcony is eye-catching.

NOLA Balcony

As I looked a second time, I also noticed the interesting casement around the widows, the angles of the roof as it bends around the corner and the gleaming glass, candle shaped bulbs and other details of the pendant lights, and the reflection of the fretwork in the window. I nearly missed the flowers in the white boxes the balcony but they provide an lovely pop of color among all of the gray and silver. These details help create the overall sense of beauty I feel when I look at this building.  I glad I didn’t miss them.

1cropped balcony Friday 2-20-15 NOLA 043_1

Where have you seen details that others may have missed?