Pond on 3-8-15

A new baby was born in my family.  She is a week old today.  Or another way to count her age is 33 weeks.  This is so because she came early and will spend some time developing and growing stronger in a wonderful hospital.  Behind this hospital is a pond with a picnic area, a quiet spot for reflection or spending time in nature.  The other day, I took advantage of this spot and as my mind cleared, I had a thought.  Spring has not yet come to this pond but it is close.  As the beautiful new baby grows and develops and blossoms, so too will this spot transition from the last of winter into spring.  It is not my place to post pictures of our little one – that is for her parents to do or not, as they choose.  But it occurred to me that one way to pictorially document her growth and changes it to also document the pond’s transition from the end of winter to spring.  This is the first of these posts.