About Elements Photos

My name is Debbie Harrison.  I have taken pictures for as long as I can remember.  I started taking pictures with a point and shoot camera and 110 film as a child.  I count my maternal grandfather as my greatest influence in this pursuit.  Tom Moran loved photography.  He greeted us in the driveway with his latest camera every time we went to visit.  As a result, there are lots of baby pictures of me and of my closest-in-age brother.  Sadly, Grandpa developed an illness that stifled his photography hobby when my other siblings were young so the photos stopped.  But my fascination with the pictures continued and someone, probably my Dad, bought me my own camera.  I was a shy child and not very athletic in a family of athletes so the camera gave me a way to see the world that was uniquely my own.  Over time, the equipment and media changed, but I continue to enjoy capturing moments through the lens of a camera.

The name Elements Photos is a description of my approach to photography.  When I’m composing a shot, I like to look around me and focus on something that captures the essence of the time or place or person.  It may be an element of nature or architecture or a person’s personality but those elements a keys to how I understand what I am seeing in that moment.  I take pictures of people and things that make me happy – seeing the world through a rose colored lens.

My photos are available for sale at http://www.elementsphotos.net